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runs against texas. then the a's turn around and their three game losing streak. and yo power, cespedes, matt garza, two-run homer. 3-0 a's and time for coco. jarret parker is cruise can. looks like it is going foul. solo shot rangers within a one, now 3-2. day game in oakland and dreaded sun ball. and martin loses it. ground rule double. eric bunteding in the 7th and in comes in alber to have and we go topnotch. he swings as he tries to avoid the pitch. a's win it 4-2 and lead three games over texas. >> you want to get off to a good start. as i said earlier, there are times before a starting pitcher gets comfortable doing his thing. you have a chance to score runs. we played small ball early. >> giants and rays, second inning, likes it is out here. he makes the catch. i thought was gone. brandon crawford, a chopper up the gut. scoring one. giants take an early 1-0 lead. kelly johnson, slow roller, lincecum collides. this would be an important play and runners on the corner and can't turn the double play. molina scores making it 1-1. stayed that way until the tenth. he would walk with b
. >> 44-year-old son of vice president bind is being evaluate entered texas after being hospitalized last week after feeling disoriented on vacation. he's the attorney general in delaware and suffered a mild stroke in 2010. vice president is with his son tonight. >> large black swath of land shows the crash site of b 1 b bomber in south east montana a-2 pilots and 2 officers ejected. they are hospitalized but expected to be okay. before the air force base her in south dakota a.that aircraft cost 300 million dollars. >> breaking news in southern california. these leif pictures show you the scene after fiery crash involving a big rig and 4 cars explosion were heard at least one person is dead. several injuries as we pan back from the live helicopter view. back up on the highway on interstate 10 in pa money a prompt authorities to close liens on that freeway. again this is a terrible crash involving a big rig and 4 cars. there were explosions and fire at least one person dead in southern california. sadly. >> there is much more ahead tonight coming up. identified arrested and charged.
. >>> george zimmerman drove away with a warning after getting pulled over for speeding in texas. the former police department -- forney police department provided this dash cam of pulling over zimmerman. zimmerman told the officer that he had a gun stashed inside his glove compartment. >> reduce your speed. slow down a little bit more. okay? just take it easy. shut your glove compartment. >> texas officials say the officer handled it by the book. this came after two weeks after zimmerman was acquitted in the shooting death of trayvon martin. >>> 50,000 pounds of ground beef are being recalled because of possible e. coli contamination. national beef packing company in kansas and then sold in 40 to 60 pound cases. the product has the number eft-280-a-it was sold under the national beef nature source and nature well labels. so far no illnesses have been record. >>> 12 colorado soldiers are in the hospital after being struck by lightning this afternoon. it happened during a training exercise. the soldiers knew about the storm and were trying to get to low ground when they were hit. one soldier
may be with dimaggio in his blue nissan versa6wcu896. investigators think he may beheading to texas or perhaps canada. >>> it is national night out, and that means communities all over the country are getting together and taking a stand against crime. in san jose this comes as the police department continues to struggle with low staffing numbers and even lower morale. abc7 news reporter lisa amin joins us live with the story. lisa? >> carolyn, there are just off 1,000 police officers for a city of one million. according to the police union it could have been avoided if the department weren't spread so thin. >> the reality is that san jose is not going to be a safe place. >> detective james gonzalez insists that the police department is in a state of crisis. especially after the 30th homicide on saturday night that took the life of a 19-year-old san jose state nursing student. the unintended victim was caught in the cross fire while riding in a car downtown. >> we cannot patrol the city with the number of officers we have. innocent people are dying. >> they say saturday night was als
of the ninth, coco crisp, see ya. third consecutive game with a home run. a's win 2-1. texas lost to the a's and are two an a half back of the american league west. >>> giants end a three-game slide hosting pittsburgh. sums up the giant's season, three straight. poor guy. not as a easy as it looks. the g men rip off four runs in the first. buster posey starts things off with a single to left. and they hold on to a 6-3 victory. >>> little league world series. westport, connecticut against chula vista, for the championship. the pitcher struck out and they are headed to the championship with a 12-1 victory where they will face the little leaguers from tokyo, japan. they beat tijuana in the international finals. a solo home run to right center. that will be the difference. japan wins it 3-2. the championship is tomorrow at noon here on abc 7. >>> raiders head coach dennis allen has a dilemma after the loss to the bears as in who will be his starting quarterback. current starter threw two interceptions. an the raiders fell behind in the first half. pro pryor leads with two tds. running this in
at the coliseum and it gave him a 3-1 lead. the ray s who tie it at 3. cocoa crisp scores from second. texas loses to the a's. now two back of texas in e west. half a game up on the rays for the top wild card spot. the giants and d-backs and angel pagan. the giants needed him. scored the only run of the game. a ck fly and pagan deep to throw and 1-0 giants. tim lincecum on the mound and sandoval and that would have been a sure double. timmy goes six score less for his eighth victory. the giants somehow win the ga 1-0. we get our fst look at the head cch and the new quarterback. the true freshman wl leave the offense against northwestern. >> i am excited. it is a new experience like it is for our young players. when it is something new you are excited about it. i know the game day atmosphere will be great and the student section especially. we areexcited to take it all in. most importantly we are excited to play against a good football team. >> serena williams is looking to move on from aound of 16. the next rally at the net here and serena with the forehand winner. she rolls 6-3, 6-1 and will face
. >> military jury today convicted major hassan of premeditated murder dear in texas. jury took 6 thundershowers find him guilty of all 45 charges he faced. massacre left 13 people dead. 30 wondered it was the deadl deadliest attack on military base now faces the death sentence. hassan acted as own attorney during the trial but did he not call any witnesses or testify. >> military jury near seattle today sentenced army staff sergeant robert bale to life in prison without the possibility of parole for the march 2012 massacre of 16 afghan civilia civilians. >> jury chose the stiffest possible sentence after bale n june t8s this took the death penalty off the table. >> san diego mayor has agreed to step down from office over a sexual harassment scandal. city council voted 7-zero to accept the deal for bob filner resignation. brandy hit has more on today decision. >> that the point would i like to turn about. >> it's the end of the road for embattled san diego mayor bob filner. >> the mayor has rae signed effective on august 30. 2013. >> city has accepted the signe
when a texas cop pulled him over. an officer in the north texas town pulled over george zimmerman on sunday. the officer can be heard telling zimmerman to slow down ske was letting him go with a warning and told zimmerman not to play with his handgun and put ate way. zimmerman's lawyers aren't saying why their client was in texas his family says the former neighborhood watch captain received daily death threats since his acquittal. >> tonight's money matters a mixed day for stock markets. dow closed down 21 points. nasdaq ended up nine. s and p 500 down less than a point. facebook stock hit $38 today that is what it was worth when the company launched it's public offering 14 months ago. the stock fell again to close at 3680678 the british government looking to ban the use of google glass while driving. the device has a screen but some say it's encourages users to take eyes off the road. glasses aren't yet being sold to the general public only a few thousand being used by special test subjects now. >> a court ruled redwood city video game maker electronic arts must face legal claim
in the series and they remain 1 game behind texas in the al west because the rangers beat houston today. the flirt with no hitter for most of the game. get nothing and like it. struck out 15. rob grossman strike 3 off foul tip. no hitter to the eighth. carlos well that ends everything. no hitter. shut out. gone. he gets the win. 2-1 with 15 k. so texas stays 1 up on oak land. at this point adam probably doesn't know who to root for or how long. the a's the rangers. he has been claimed by texas yet again. he was with a most of the year. released august 2nd. he was scooped up because they wanted him except they let him go 3 day later then the the a claim him back on the fifth. well when they needed a roster spot they designated him through seenment and the rangers reclaimed him again today. giants first baseman belt up and down the season up up hay lately and just name the national league player of the week. hits 4 40 last week with 3 double 2 homeers. changed the grip at the plate and seems to be working. >> the perfect photo. winning pose. you know this. lightning bol
rampage in fort hood, texas. this woman saw the man firing when she arrived at medical building at the military base. she says he was running toward her rapidly shooting his guchbility she saw a red laser flash across her eye and she began somewhating back. wounded in her hand and leg. fell to the ground. says he then kicked her weapon out of her hand and just as he was about to shoot her again another officer fired and she saw the man fall to the group. he's an army psychiatrist accused of massacre of 13 soldiers. all unarmed. >> bay area lawmaker tells abc 7 news that increased oversight is necessary to reign in the national security agency. "washington post"reports the nsa has broken privacy rules thousands of times each year since receiving broad new power in 2008. the based on information given to the post by former nsa analyst now wanted leaker edward snouden. representative spear says the nsa has abused the powers. >> if you need that kind of surveillance get a warrant. go to court and get a warrant. don't go to secret court that never sees the light of day and don't
. josh donald son scoring in the 9th staying one back of texas in the west because rangers beat houston today which is kind of easy to do. robby grossman foul tipped in the sixth. a no hitter into the 8th. darvish does get the win. funny here, adam rosales probably doesn't know who to route for. he's been with oakland most of the year. they released him august 2. rangers claimed him. he switched club houses they let him go three days later. dangers reclaimed him today so he's pack with texas for, i don't know how long, we'll see. he's in the making future plans friday night going to be different. 49ers face alex smith smith was td savor and then, skait goet then, the leader then injured and replace bid collin kaepernick. coach harbaugh expressed admiration. >> it's personal. you know? feel like there is a great friendship there. a lot of histry. you snow he wants to win. we do as well. >> there is a first time for everything. you're right. we never got a chance to hit him. this time, we can. >> that is the guy. >> yes. >> abc 7 sports brought to you by orchard supply hard wire join me t
near interstate 80 in the north texas street exit. winds pushed the flames to four other homes around marigold drive. that fire is now out. we go now live to marigold at daphne drive with the latest. cornell? >> firefighters say they do not know how this fire started. the investigation is underway. behind me you can clearly see two homes completely gutted by the fire including the home of one couple who were celebrating a wedding anniversary. >> the thing i remembered the most is when she walked down the aisle with her gown on and she was the most beautiful woman i ever saw in my life. >> they have celebrating their 47th wedding anniversary on the same day their house was gutted by a ferocious fire. >> i called our son and was crying that our house was on fire. he didn't ask questions. he just said mom, i'll be there. >> sky 7hd shows how intense the blaze was. it began as a grassfire on insister state 80 but quickly jumped the sound wall burning homes. their house went first. >> the palm tree went up like a candle and it started the roof on fire and the fence on fire and there was no
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th, see ya. griffin has allowed 28 homes running. 10-8 of the year. texas is two and a half back of the a's. >> i feel like i pitched very well all game. a little frustrating like you said but that is how it goes. good line-up but i dominated them. >> and giants and rays, here is the start over barry zito including this two-run bomb. rays up 2-1. in the sixth, jose gave a game winning run. giants are now 12 back of the dodgers in the west. >>> little league action, belmont redwood shores, fifth inning, single by daniel free gives belmont a 2-0 lead. lopez allowed one hit. lee helped a didn't play to end the game. now opponents of the second game and advance weigh a 3-0 victory. >>> olympic champion missy franklin will be a campus student but today she set a new championship in barcelona. missy with the backstroke. they never look back. giving her sixth goal first woman to ever win six gold medals in. >> final round, this comes up short. choi had six to play but stacy louis prevailed. within three feet of the hole. make that for a birdie then finishes on the 18. shoots an even par
-8 on the year. texas moves to two and a half back of the a's. >> i feel like i pitched really well all day, and pretty frustrated, like you said, but that's how it goes. they have a good lineup. i feel like i pretty much dominated them for 6-2/3 and then one just hit a homer. >> mike: giants and rays ending their three-game set in tampa. gave up three runs, including this one. now tied at 3 in the sixth. the former stanford star, sam fold, giants now 12 back of the dodgers, rays win 4-3. >> little league action. belmont redwood shores in hawai'i. the single gives belmont the lead. pitcher nicholas low appeal had nine strikeouts, allowed one hit. sean lee helped to end the game. belmont checks outs their opponent for the second straight game. advancing with the victory. >> the cal campus will be welcoming another superstar, missy franklin will be on the berkeley campus the fall. today she asset new standard. in the 400 medley relay, missy ran the first segment and, gave her team the lead and they never looked back. gives missy her six until gold, the first woman to win six gold medals at th
. lowry had no prayer. texas wins so they are tied for first in the al west. the 49ers face the broncos in their pre-season opener tomorrow. it will be the debut of defensive lineman lawrence uh coy yea. he will be playing in his first football game at any level. he is 6 foot 6 and a 305-pound project and jim harbaugh is homing he is bad. >> he is not a good football player. his next growth is not a bad player. i want him to be a bad football player. that's the next jump up for lawrence. >> i want to be a bad sportscaster some day. it is the video that has taken over the internet, football on your phone staring payton andy andy -- and eli manning. >> ♪ football on your phone football in your hand ♪ ♪ look at the sky ♪ the phone in the phone ♪ football on your phone ♪ football on your phone >> the costumes and the wigs are great. the manning brothers are tremendous. eli said it took five hours to film and had no idea how it would turn out. he has no plans on a career anytime soon. >> it is a one hit wonder. it was all fun and just for a few hours said all right i will go with
-20. it is a chance to gain some ground on first place texas because the rangers lost to seattle. dan and i loosen up before every show. it gets the neck going. he is not my ennis he is yo ennis. that his his 20th homer. bottom of the seventh and he knocks in a hustling catch. he scored from first and top 9 and two men on as cabrera with a liner to third that looks scary. donaldson turns it into the game ending double play. 3-2 the final. the giants visiting south beach and playing the marlins. the two lowest scoring teams in the national league combined for 24 runs. hector sanchez set a season high in runs scored. they win a slug fest. abc7 sports brought to you by river rock casino. >> he is a fresh -- freshman. >> he is a true freshman playing at marin catholic. >> thanks, larry. >>> coming up next, the 11-year-old pianist who already it's happening now. people are switching to finish... ... and it's spreading all across america. quantum with power gel delivers amazing clean and shine, even in the hardest water, which cascade just can't do. take the finish shine challenge with quantum. voted produ
will score and 7-4 the final. a texas win means oakland is one back in the west. game two of a three-game set. he pitched well. he would like that pitch back. a solo homer to left. boston is a 2-0 lead. took the giants a game and a half and they finally scored a run against boston. it is 2-1. a buster posey sack would tie it in the eighth and then two outs in the 9th. that looked like a strike to me. the bases loaded and walked him on four straight pitches. brandon belt a homerun shy of a cycle in this game. reinforcements on the way in time for friday's game at home against the bears. andre carter played in the first two pre-season games, but they have been lonely. lamar houston and vance walker and pat simms have sat out with various injuries. and it has been noticible. mainly a nonexistent pass rush. >> we have had a lot of new parts to this defense. the more we can do it between now and the opening game of the season the better we will learn to play with each other. it is a start to have the majority of those guys back out here. i thought it was good work. the guys have continued to work
in one run. they lost 4 of 5 and remained 2-1/2 games back of texas. giants hosting pittsburgh and the pirates of mccovey cove showed up. runners on the corner. and panda gets to third base, so you know it was hit hard. g-men go on to split the series and vogelsong got the shutout victory. >>> pga tour staging the first fedex cup event. playing in jersey city and everyone had a chance to win it. including points leader tiger woods that made a run for the title. he was battling a sore back due to a soft hotel mattress. he tweaked his back on approach, and bogeyed the hole. got limb in the clubhouse. justin rose, forcing the playoffs. that will ruin his dinner. he falls to 10 under. just when you thought tiger was done, birdie 16. sticks the approach on 17 and birdies that and gets a ten under. fighting a birdie and a playoff with adam scott. right on line and it's one rotation short. finished 10 under, four-way tie for second. and gary woodlands, forcing a playoff. he misses and adam scott hangs on to win the barclay's and they bogey, 5 under 66. let's go to the raceway. the go-
knock in a run. 10-3 your final. a's remain 2 1/2 back of texas. >>> giants hosting pirates d pirate pofs the caribbean out at mccoy cove. buster posey sings past a diving neil walker. blan will score. runns on the corners. pablo sandoval triples intohe gap. you know it's hit hard. 3-0 g-men. they go on to win and split the series. ryan vogelsong gets the shutout victo victory. >>> chula visttaking on japan. until japan goes on top in the fourth. tokyo goes up 6-4. california looking to stage a comeback, but grounds into the game ending double play. japan is your little league world series champion for the 2013 season with a 6-4 victory. >>> all right, the pga tour staging their first fedex cup playoff ent in the barclays in rsey city. seems like everyone had a chance to win this thing including poin leader tiger wds who made quite a run at the title. tiger battling a sore back all week due to a soft hotel ttress. on 13 he tweaked his back on his apprch. falls to the ground. he did get up. bogeyed the hole. he's in the clubhouse at 11 under. co-leader justin rose, par putt on 14 to f
with the american league west title. rangers roared back into the race. they open a 3 game set with texas tonigh tonight. sauce am racing. a stichlt henderson. going to if 1,000 out of 1,000 or should be an investigation. tl 5 batters 4 innings including the 2 that scored on the double in the first 2. athletic. tied in the sec. bugs big swing. cruz 26th of the year. in the fourth now 4-2. he's from if har common name. only lasted a few innings. texas in the eighth. rangers we know would leave them 2 and a half game behind first place a. giants in tampa. bruce doing this for months. the poor little kid craig. 7 inningsment struck out 11. one reason. wrn done belt. taking out the belt. smoked it off chris archer. also triple single in the game. tied in the seventh after 2 o on. next batter crew ford. out of here. 2 run homer and the giants take the series opener in tampa. 4-1. little league baseball belmont red wad shores playing in the west regional in this. solo blast part of a 3 run inning. shawn lee wicked stuff. he struck out 14. belmont brad pretty good pitcher in
. rangers claimed the waivers and played in three-game series but he never played at all for texas. today the a's acquired him off of waivers. kind of funny. routing for the a's and wayne week they fired up to be a texas ranger now back with the a's. >> thanks larry very much. that is this edition for abc news at 9:00. i'm dan ashley. we appreciate your time. "abc 7 news" continues online, facebook and all your mobile devices with our new apgs. we'll see you on channel 7 at 11:00. mac: you accidentally burn down a building, and you get 120 hours of community service? now this says that i got to work with kids. - yeah, me, too. - now, i don't like kids. yeah, i have 248 hours of, uh... interstate. inter... interstate. sanitation.
the forecast a's game tomorrow it's the end of the work week if heading out there they take on the texas rangers at this site. 66 degrees. still pretty mild but by 10:00 o'clock temperature dropping low 60's patchy fog out there developing so make sure you take a is sweat shir. might need it at the back end of the game. a little cooler for the weaned. mid 80's inland. upper 50's to low 60's coast side temperatures bounce right back up few degrees monday tuesday. only to fall again with wednesday thursday but really no hot weather there. >> yes. no dramatic swing. >> exactly carolyn? thank you. >> well the watch abc live extreme now available in the bay area. new way to experience abc any time any way whether you are at home or out and about you can enjoy the favorite newscast tv show on the smart phone tablet or computer live and on demand. special new benefit brought to you by comcast charter xhup indication and at&t at no additional cost. go to our web site to find out how you can access it. enter tv provider information to log in and get the live stream or search watch abc to
in the 8th inning. a's hosting texas tonight. belmont in the board on the third part of a three-run inning for them. mplete game shut out. belmont cruises in their first game in so cal playing hawaii sunday morning. tiger woods needed this effort with the british open. started the day two back on a roll after a birdie makes eagle on two. he birdied on the back nine had a chance at a magical record highing 59. a course record nine under 61. >> i'm very, very happy i was able to post that z i just thinking whatever lead i had i just increasing this lead. abc 7 sports brought to you by orchard supply hardware. >> we'll see. he might have momentum. 5 me on cable channel p 13. the source of a stomach bug outbreak. fda traces to it a mexico farm with a california connection. >> then, can they do it? bart and unions talking right now. we'll be back with the impact if they fail. >> and stay with us for shank tank, what would you do, then 2020. >> that does it for are this edition of abc 7 news, thanks for joining us. >> from all of us here, we appreciate your time. (male announcer) in new york ci
. five homers for the a's who wins it, but texas wins as well and they are still in a tie for first. ryan vogel song coming back and hello. welcome back. 2-0 and he goes six inning striking out four. giants couldn't do anything until this in the 6th. brandon belt and aloha. the deepest part of the yard. his 13th and 2-1 orioles and then the giants rally in the 9th and base hit and brandon belt scored and it is tied at two. davis haves a fantastic season. two out and stwo on and doubles to the gap off lopez and both men score. o's win it 5-2. majors are supposed to be supreme tests of golf skills. not this pga championship. if you are not under par something is wrong. adam scott with a spectacular birdie. he is 7 under along with matt could you where. he has never won a major. he has a 7 under 63. this is for eagle. nine under par and tiger two over and one back. raiders beat the cowboys in their pre-season opener. the nfl will not let us run highlights because this game is being seen on tape delay. wait until i call the commissioner and give him a piece of my mind about this. matt flynn l
strikes out on the next pitch. the review is foul ball. they remain back in the al west because texas lost. controversial. giants in dc and the president's race. this is presidential carnage. will injured -- william howard taft and george washington your winner. nats opening it up and lines one off bumgarner. sandoval gets the out, but desmond scores and the nats are up. after an hour and 17-minute rain delay the giants breakthrough with posey and a chopper under the glove of desmond. it is tied at one. in the 6th though and here it comes and there it goes. la roche launching one out. washington wins their fourth in a row, 4-2 the final. alex smith will see aldon smith and he hopes it is just in the pre game and not just in the back field during the real game when the 49ers visit kansas city in pre-season action. smith, alex, doesn't figure to play a lot because this is pre-season. alex versus the niners will be intriguing. they will not face each other in the regular season. smith lost his job to kaepernick last year, but he says she looking forward and not back. >> he is one of the guys
by josh field to end it. a's lose it 2-1 and texas won tonight so the a's trail the rangers by two games in the al west. brutal. giants in washington, d.c. the sunsetting over the washington monument, beautiful. tim lincecum on the mound and this is not beautiful. when timmy leaves pitches up this is what happens. desmond, gone. 17th of the year and tied at 1. in the fourth, timmy wild pitch and run scores. giants trail it 5-1. lincecum allowed 6 runs in six innings. giants came back to within a run. hunter pense. a drive to left center and the diving catch to save the game as the giants lose their third in a row, 6-5 the final. if you want to laugh, go to our facebook page and read the comments about colin kaepernick's photo on the cover of the new "gq." in general, females commented about his abs. oh my goodness. and the guys are all writing, he has to get his head in the game and stop posing for photos. get your head in the game, colin. alex smith is coming for it on friday night. well, the chiefs are anyway. they are in pre-season. it is like a two-hand touch. anyway, here is kaep on
of texas with the rangers enjoying this day off. giants in dc. say hi to the third president. thomas jefferson right there. we pick it up in the sixth. highlights got good. fifth homer of the month. 15th of the year. pinch hitting sanchez. this ball just got picked up on russian radar. suddenly giants up 4-3. certainly yo in for the same. glove save and beauty by diving brandon crawford who robs bryce harper. beautiful nice come back victory. win 4-3. they call her the hurricane. she could turn out to be the face of women boxing in the future. bay area native flew to mexico did for big fight she has coming up on saturday. face selena and if won she will be featured on floyd may weather big pay per view under card on september 14. women boxing is exploding. >> the momentum is ready to take off witness. it's just grown mass i feel in. especially globally. so there's a lot of things going on and it's pretty cool to know that august 17 can pretty much set the stage of what america will view women boxing in the state's. >>reporter: pre-season football chargers and bears ch
thing for her family is to see a life not yet fulfilled. they flew from as far as arizona and texas to remember the 49-year-old san jose resident who was killed while struck by a construction tractor. she'd gone there to register for fall class autos she wanted to become a social worker. and try to help teen-age pregnant women get back on their feet and go in the right direction. as well as work with alcoholics and drug addict autos she was a straight a student she didn't go to college. instead she cleaned houses and worked cash registers to support five children as a single parent. as she struggled to raise a daughter and four sons relatives say she was able to laugh. they drib described her as energetic and now she wanted to guide others. after services the family gathered at home to celebrate a life that had meaning. >> we did come together because of her and come together because of her spirit. because of her humor. just the joy for life. >> the death of a loved one can lead to bitterness, however her brother says the owner of preston pipeline has been in contact offering help a
within an half game of texas in the west. giants red sox. at&t park. boston marathon bombing survivors north of woodside and martinez throwing out the first pitch. pick it up 5th inning. drew takes tim deep to right center. this land at the bottom of the wall. santa nothing. allow 5 earned run. lester. parker 8 in the third scoreless. struck out 3. double my tone the eighth. giants shut out at home 7 nothing. aj jenkins departing san francisco with same amount of this arrived with in 2012. sear o. traded kansas city straight up for wide receiver jonathan bald we know. drop constant issue for jenkins preventing moving up the depth chart in return they get a guy with similar wrap. failed the expectation. >> fresh start both young men and hopefully positive for both of them and for the 2 team. no reason that the both these guys can't end up having a great dreary. >> pre-season monday night football robert griffin the third getting a kick out of this. excuse me. 22 yard for the touch down. awkward goal post dunk. second quarter third strippinger rex. catch 1 handed levtd ha
the side. a's lose it 5-3 and fall two and a half behind texas in the west. the rangers come up big against the astros and tied at 4 and bases loaded. pop up, former a row sal less tag expght throw is -- tagging and it is high. the rangers win it 5-4 and anders the hero gets treated like this. just give me my jersey. the giants and red sox. i left early in my boat because i had seen enough of this. bruce bochy said barry zito deserved another start and he got what he deserved on that pitch. a two-run homer for a 2-0 lead. move to the fourth and this isn't barry's fault. a can of corn for someone, anyone. bueller? bueller? middlebrook scores to make it 6-1 and zito goes 3 and two-thirdsthirds and six earned runs allowed. 12-1 the final. the sox take two of three in the series. in his day he played against the likes of joe montana and dan -- dan marino. they say kaepernick could be one of the best quarterbacks ever. this is fun since kaepernick started, what, 11 nfl games? the key part of the phrase is could be and kaep gets it. >> i am working. to me it is a great honor he said that and very
convicted major nadal hasan of premed indicated murder for the shooting rampage at fort hood, texas. it was the deadliest attack on a domestic mill pear base. hasan acted as his own attorney during the trial and indicated he believes attack was justified to protect islam and taliban leaders from forces in afghanistan and iraq. >> near seattle army staff sargeant robert bales sentence forward the 2012 massacre of 16 civilians in afghanistan. the military jury chose the stiffest sentence after he agreed to a plea deal that took the death penalty off the table. >> president ob yaum and now, russia calling on the syrian government allow experts to investigate reports of a chemical weapons attack. 1300 people may have died in the attack on webs wednesday. the u.s. is still gathering evidence but the president says all signs point to a troubling situation. >> what we've seen indicates this is a big event of grave concern. we're in communications with the entire community and called on the syrian government to allow an investigation of the site. inspectors are on the ground right now. >> t
slide but safe. 2 rbi hear. a's winzv 8-6 and texas beats seattle 8-3 and up on oakland and the west. giants hit the road for then games starting in colonel republican and democrat o. barry on the hill scary moment in the first. michael deep to right. if forgot about the wall. ball popped out. weekend up at third. look like the wind knocked out of him in the sternum but a man he stayed in the game. barry unhittable curve ball in the game the days are over. all over the kuvb. 2 run shotym to the trees. if you guessed it curve ball again low out of here in a hurry. 2 game win streak and a loss in colorado. 49ers altering the investigators todayxd they trade back outside linebacker to the saints miss all of last season with a torn tricep. did him a favor playing time was dwindling plus as we used to say too old to make too much money. l beside trieding harold son release 5 players including quarterback scott. third year player was expen expendible as mccoy and rookie daniels playing well last nature against the vikings. now not taking snap at regular season game. i think
have been evacuated includin an apartment building on north texas street. and an evacuation center has been established for all of the people who had to leave the neighborhood. >> w have a view of the fire ght. the roarer newspaper shared us this video using tout video sharing app. crews fought the fire using ladder crews, you can see the concerned neighbors looking on as firefhters rushed to the scene of basicallevery time they turned anotherire was breaking out. >> travis air force base sent crews to help battle this, they do now have four units on the scene. we have a view to share with you this, is from one ecuee leaving the neighborhood here. >> many peopl are on the scene just saying they weren't that close, they uld smell it. this is video with the smoke the distance, fire trucks on the scene. flames shooting out from that house there. >> really just terrifying. we want to take you back from a live look. wow, what adifference just hours have made. firefighters have made progress on thisnow we see this plume of smoke. >> les bring in captain bobby silva. fit thanks for joining us
/2 bats at the west. texas won the rangers completing a three-game sweep. the mariners's felix hernandez with a hit borage. the chance of saving a beauty. eight earned runs on 11 hits. they save 2 1/2 up. giants with the 1-1 game. the rockies had their league with the inning was over. they struck out nine at-bats and had a no hitter going. showing 22 no-nos. that was a jinx. after 6 and 2/3, the giants almost came back for the pin. for the eighth and made it 5-4. the rockies rolled on with the victory. the heisman trophy riner had an eventful off season. he got in trouble on twitter and has been thrown out of parties. kind of a knuckle head kid. they suspended him for one half of a game. the season opener. they threw the book at him. john issy football put a&m into the national spotlight. the oddo graphed signing sessions. the n krrks arks arcaa and they evidence he was paid. he should have known better. he will sit out 30 minutes of the season opener. speaking of which it starts for us on saturday. the first condition of lessons after the game. we will have the entire day in sports star
runs in the inning with two outs. 7-6, final. a's now three games back of first place, texas rangers have the night off. biggest worry in nfl rig now isconcussion-related injuries the league reached agreement with 18,000 former players paying out $765 million for concussion related brain injuries part of the deal nfl will admit no liability that football caused this began with former players last week talk about theig game being played at niners w stadium. it will be cal's year to host the game. after spending $300 million to memorial stadium, why would cal want to play any place se? they don't. conner saw the rep alst took him do. and eight minutes left this is a weather delay beuse of lightning strikein the area. south carolina is leading 'll kick off our season oping edition this saturday, repping highlights from week one that is right after georgia clemson aer the game. here on abc 7. on the 13th hole of the barclay's tournament tiger woods went down clutching his back, complaining back stiffness because of a soft ma tress, he continued to play and nearly made it into the play j
of them made here. >> oregon. utah. california. texas. north carolina. massachusetts and maine. >> whole lot of america in this phone. >> a lot of america in this phone. >> one more selling poymentd. >> who hadn't fumbled with the smart phone. take a picture. all you have to do with the phone simply shake it twice. camera comes up. and it's ready. >>. >> that was david muir reporting. well the motel of the marine leave no man behind. tonight it means leave no boy tonight it means leave no boy behind. that's next on ♪ people always ask, "what fruit goes best in red stripe?" please mon, red stripe don't need nothin' to make it taste delicious. red stripe. hooray beer! it's sleep train's interest-free for 3 event! get 3 years interest-free financing on beautyrest black, stearns & foster, serta icomfort, even tempur-pedic. plus, get free delivery and sleep train's 100-day low price guarantee. you'll never find an interest rate lower than sleep train's interest-free for 3 event, on now! superior service, best selection, lowest price, guaranteed! ♪ sleep train ♪ your ticke
. 103 jed laurie half a game with texas playing angels tonight. giants hosting milwaukee. 49ers will host denver tomorrow night when many are saying owe could be a super bowl prevai. peyton manning versus collin kaepernick. first couple preseason games you want to look and give a chance to hit someone else. most starters will play only a race or two. guys are fighting for jobs. >> you want it to be clear cut. the back up. and you want to see that take place in these games. on one hand it's sex it -- exciting. and i want someone to be the clear cut guy. no doubt bit. everyone sees. >> how about this guy? lawrence akoya never played a football game. his first contest in nfl. didn't know how to put equipment on. he sthed is the hardest thing he's done. he's six, six, a freakish athlete. >> he is not a good football player. and his next is to be nod knot a bad player. that is the next jump up for him. >> then, you get to be average. yae. you know? thursday head coach trying to decide who starting quarterback will be. x battl. competing with a true freshman out of marin catholic and
an hour to catch lowery swinging. they win 6-5. texas is beating the awning jells as we speak. giants and brewers. ready for football. we don't show a lot of flies in the highlights. buster posey robbed by chris davis. brandon scores on the play and davis prevents any more damage to the man on second. 1-0 second the madison bumgarner takes a shutout to the eighth, and crawford double clutched. next batter, sack bunt, error on baum. sloppy baseball, don't punch the ceiling. milwaukee is piling it on. 6-1 brew crew in the 9th. >> 49ers, first pre-season game of year and could be the superbowl match-up with the niners and broncos. lawrence the british discus thrower. never played in a football game. his first contest against denver. he didn't know how to put his equipment on at first. 6'6", 305 pounds. here is jim harbaugh. >> he is not a good football player. his next thing is to be not a bad player. i want him to be a bad football player. that is the next jump up for lawrence. >> i wanted him to be a bad football player. cal is into third day of football under head coach. looking for g
. this is big rate now because they are fighting with texas for first place. open up 9 game home stand against the astros. this is a closest thing to the automatic win and you find in baseball because the astros are terrible. except for tonight. on the mound trying to bounce back from last outing against the reds when he really struggled and same story in this game second inning. barns. double over the head of seventh smith. astros up 2 nothing in the third. former a chris carter in on the action. find the gap in left center. rbi double. astros go up 4 nothing. could loan hit the showers early about 5 runs in only 4 innings of work. check out the a's fan. make the snow cohen catch here. pretty pumped up. so was this. homer in the eighth to make this a 5-4 game. and i got it. down 5-4 now the rangers lost to even if the a's lose still only one game back in the al west. go kid. back in spring training. giants national figure battling for division title right now. they both figured wrong. neither team really in play off contention or even close. met tonight in the nation capito
allows 1 run in 8-1/3 innings. and a's skipper bob melvin tossed arguing a call at third. texas won tonight, so the a's needed to win the game. giants in d.c., a beautiful sunset over the washington monument. when timmy leaves pitches up, this is what happens. ian desmond, it's a goner. we are tied at one more, bases loaded and a two-run double, nats up 3-1. later in the fourth on. wild pitch. giants trail 5-1. lincecum allows 6 runs in six nings.s. and belt singled and torres scored with two downs t giants trail 6-five. and runners at first and he could is, a drive to left center. have no fear, a diving catch to end the game. last year, that would have fallen and giants would have won. instead they lose the third trait, 6-5, washington the final. well, colin kaepernick, the 49ers quarterback is right there. on the cover of the gq magazine, as for his real job, the niners are getting ready for the second preseason game in kansas city, friday night, for kaepernick, it's facing alex smith who helped him prepare to play quarterback. >> he did a lot for me. alex helped me pick up the pl
-3 seattle closer. a's lose 5-3 and fall 2 1/2 behind texas in the west. because the rangers come up big in the ninth against the astros, tied 4-4, bases loaded. elvis anders pops up to right. adam rosales tags from the third. the throw is high. if that isn't insult to injury. interers gets treated like this. doesn't look comfortable to me. give me my jersey back. >>> some would say barry zito's ship as a giant has sailed. giants/red sox. bruce bochy saying zito deserves another start. will middlebrooks two-run homer in the second. in the third, johnny gomes reaching and pulling to shall dough left. victorino scores. manufacture to the fourth. can blame this on barry. victorino, we'll call this the bear mude dough triangle this right. his record drops to 4-9. a 12-1 beat have down at at&t park. >>> little league world series chula vista has earned themselves a berth, grant holman threw a no-hitter last week. he does it with offense tonight, three-run homer in the ninth to beat westport, connecticut, 6-3 the final. >>> in his day, jaworski played against the likes of joe montana, dan mari
know to pull with 2 games texas in the west. khipt colonel republican and democrat 0even it game at a pest and the man on here. look at that. clear the bleachers. 2 run shot with the g man next batte batter. sandoval got all that one. dead center. back-to-back jack first time done it all season. 3 nothing after half inning. giants lead 3-2 in the secretary. sanchez rip to right and bell score from second. the throw. not even close. and the start tonight here and 6 streak out. first win of the year. 5-3 the time in denver. u.s. open day two federer unfamiliar territory. seeded 7. first round match against greg. rain last tonight. first 2 then worked out trouble in the thir third. swiping forehand volley on match point. move on to state set. sam won by beating serena williams. ousted by 2 96 rank, 17-year-old victoria duval facing top 20 opponent for the first time. first ever win in major in 3 sets born in miami. moved to haiti. until 8. dad survived earthquake there and now takes nothing for granted as a result. >> i don't take anything for granted. you n
in the itching. all came with two outs. 7-6 the fichbility a's fall to 3 games back of texas. rangers have the tonight off. began tonight. san jose state feature ago new head coach. opening with sacramento statement ron making the spartan debut following mike mcintyre and happy to have david fail package quarterback hitting generals for the 31 beyond all reasonable doubt touch down. 123 receiving yards for generals in the first half. then failed. nickname is never fails. like spencer christian. hits noel. 17 nothing at the half right now. sparty leading 24 zip in the fourth quarter. last week some talk about the 2014 big game played at the niners new stayed you. kind of fut rall site deal. cal not going to go for. that it could be cal year to host the game. bear fans out remaininged because why put the game if santa clara when you have a whole new stadium. little ms. stanford settle down. carolyn bleeds cardinal red. they spent 300 million to renovate memorial stadium so didn't want to go anywhere els else. game played at cal. 24th rank usc at hawaii. defense laying the ball
. this is controversial. he will sit 50 games. he can play in the post season for texas. he's impending free agent. he's basically going to sit out now and hope to take the money next year. one of 12 players who accepted the sanction and tigers player and cabrera of the padres. former giant was among those who didn't get suspend. same deal creditd with tame served for 60 game ban last year. giants. started 7 game home stand against milwaukee. brewers. know all about the stuff because they lost to brawn for remainer of the season for his role. we talked with pitcher lopez about the whole mess. >> bitter sweet moment in baseball. seems like black cloud always seems to be falling no matter what we do to get the drug out of the game sometimes the big name need to fall to try to clean up the game now. this is obviously going to be a good step going forward. >> grateful dead night at the park. bob and garcia daughter tricksie and big red bill walton hawnl grateful dead fan. he stole my jacket. to the game now. scoreless in the third. milwaukee pitcher laying down the suicide squeeze and he misse
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